Dennis' Ap

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Dennis' Ap

Post by tornadodennis on Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:33 pm

Steam Name: tornadodennis
Steam ID32: [example: STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX] STEAM_1:0:61786158
Steam Profile Link:
Age: 14
Hours Played on Gmod: [# of hours played on gmod] 105
Hours/Days on Server: [In this format please: days:hours or just put the # of hours] 8 hours
Number of Warns you have: 0
Servers you've staffed on if any: Sandbox server
Are you a VIP? (Does not help your chances): Not yet.
Favorite Thing about Cubed Gaming: No anime jobs xD
Why you want to be staff: Help out.
What you could offer to our staff force: Anything you need


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