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General Rules

Don't impersonate anyone
Name must be in English/typeable
Only English is allowed in chat
Hacking or scripting is not allowed (aimbot, hacking, AFK time avoiding) is a perma ban
You can disrespect players, but only to a certain limit. Harassment is not allowed.
Do not FailRP
Don't abuse exploits, glitches and bugs. Report them on the forums. If you abuse them, you will be punished depending on the severity.
Do not prop abuse (Prop Killing, Prop surfing, Prop Spamming, Prop Climbing, Prop Blocking and any other type of prop abuse.
Don't build/kill in spawn
Don't spam chat, camera, stunstick and microphone/voice
Please don't have any religious conversations in chat. This causes arguments to arise.
Don't spawn inappropriate structures
You are able to sell VIP printers if you want.
Do not create/spam offensive/inappropriate text screens.
Do not interfere with admin sits.
Do not job abuse.
You must have specific adverts.

Here are some terms you should be aware of while playing on the server.
OOC - Out Of Character
RDM - Random Death Match
NLR - New Life Rule
FDA - Fading Door Abuse
RDA - Random Arrest
Meta - Meta Gaming
CP - Civil Protection
Mod - Moderator
Admin - Administrator
SA - Super-Admin
RP - Role Play

This list is for new players.

Random Death Match

It is what the title says it is. Randomly killing someone. You need to have a valid reason to kill someone while Role Playing. Use your common sense. Usually, RDM (Random Death Match) Is punished with a warning. The more people you RDM, the harder you will be punished.

New Life Rule

New life rule, this rule applies to you when you die, and means that you must not come back to your death point within 3 minutes, or anywhere close to it. You must also forget all role-play related events of your character (for example you and you die, you must 'forget' that).

You can not return to your base if you died defending it from a raid until the raid is over, this includes sniping from a distance or shooting at your base from the outside. You will notice that you are still being raided when people are telling you to go outside, you can see that your stuff is being destroyed or you can use a camera which you must have placed before the raid started.

For example:

Someone raids you, while you go back to your base he is already gone, however it haven't been 3 minutes yet, you broke NLR.
Someone raids you and you die. You have waited 3 minutes and go back to your base. On the way you see the guy who raided you, you pull out your gun and you kill him, you broke NLR.
Someone raids you and you die. You have waited 3 minutes and act towards the players who raided you as if nothing has happened, you didn't break NLR.

Meta Gaming

Do not metagame, ever:

You are not allowed to transfer any information from IC to OOC, or vice versa.
You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing something through the wall(Keypad code you got while playing a different job, Name Tags, Drug Lab Tags, etc).

Hitman Rules

I just decided to add this because it proves useful.
Do not ask for hits on certain players. This means going to players and telling them to place a hit on a certain player.
If your victim is inside his/her base, you are allowed to raid them.
You can not raid/mug/steal/kidnap.
YOU MUST ADVERT "Hit accepted" When you accept a hit.
YOU MUST ADVERT "Hit completed/failed" When hit has been completed/failed.

Mugging Rules

You can not pull a gun out while being mugged (FailRP). You can however, run away.
There is a 5 minute cool down for mugs.
You must give the victim at least 10 seconds to pay you.
The maximum amount of money you can mug for is $2000.
If you have a gun already out while being mugged, you can use it in self-defense.
Mugs must always be adverted (/advert).
You can not suicide while being mugged (FailRP)
You must make sure the person you are mugging is near you.

Kidnapping Rules

There is a 15-minute cooldown between kidnaps.
There is a 20-minute cooldown between kidnapping the same person.
Maximum hostage release fee is $15,000.
Only the Mafia, Gangsters, and Mob boss can kidnap!
Only the Government can pay to release a hostage.
HOSTAGES CAN PAY TO BE RELEASED. If they do not pay, you have the right to kill them or hold them hostage.
You can only hold someone hostage for 10 minutes. That means 10 minutes of fun Wink.
Once paid your $15,000, you MUST release the hostage. If not, that is considered scamming.

Bank Raid Rules

10 Minute cooldown in between bank raids failed or successful.
You cannot be a Cop/Bank Manager, Go inside the vault, then just switch to Thief or whatever class can rob. This is considered job abuse and will be punishable.
Building in the bank is limited. You may only make cosmetic structures and Bars for the bank windows. No Keypad doors or anything of likeness.
If you are killed during a Bank Raid (This goes for Cops and Robbers), then you can NOT return until the raid is over.
Bank Raid Assists are allowed, you do not have to split the earnings between the people you're with but it will be frowned upon if you don't

CarJack Rules

Only Thief and Master Thief (& Custom Jobs) can carjack.
CarJack cooldown is 10 minutes.
YOU MUST ADVERT "carjack" before the carjacking.

Scamming Rules

Scamming during vendor transactions or any roleplay transactions is not allowed whatsoever.

Stealing Rules

Only Gangster, Mafia, Thief and Pro Thief can steal.
Steal cooldown is 5 minutes.
You can only steal 1 item!
You MUST advert a steal (/advert)

Self Supplying Rules.

One rule. DO NOT SELF SUPPLY. Simple.
Self-supply only applies for Gun Dealer and Black Market Dealer.
You can NOT buy yourself guns to use. Your job is to sell guns to others. You have a pistol to protect your shop.
You can not sell guns to specific people. If you are a gun dealer, YOU MUST HAVE A SHOP TO SELL GUNS TO THE PUBLIC.
Changing your job to Gun dealer, buying guns for yourself/your friends, then changing jobs back to your original job is NOT ALLOWED. If done, you will be punished.
We do not tolerate self-supply, so don't do it.

Basing Rules

Fading Door Rules

There should always be at least one entrance to your base. That entrance should not be blocked.
Players should be able to enter and exit your base.
You are allowed to have 2 fading doors linked to the same keypad.
You can NOT have multiple keypads (or fake keypads) to the same fading door (2 maximum per door)

Do NOT FDA (Fading Door abuse). Fading Door Abuse is using hot-keys to open and close them quickly during, lets say a raid.

You can use your hot keys if you're just trying to get around in your base when nobody is raiding you.
NO TOGGLE FADING DOORS. (Fading doors that stay open instead of auto-closing]
You can have 3 fading doors maximum per base.
You can not have a fading door with the sole purpose to protect a keypad.


Keypads MUST be connected to a working fading door.
Keypads MUST be visible.
Keypads MUST be always near fading doors.
Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. (With a 0 initial delay)
Keypads must be placed in a spot where it is not impossible to find them, close to the door, and in plain sight.
Keypads must be low enough to be cracked from ground level. (You shouldn't have to duck or climb to reach the keypad)


Do not build in un-owned buildings or buildings that you do not own.
Do not build on inaccessible rooftops.
Do NOT block of large parts of the map. There is one exception however, that is the warehouse area. You CAN block that part of the map ONLY if you have a party of 4 or more people.
When building your base, have a text screen that says "BUILDING". With this text screen, others are not able to raid you.
You can not have any entities while your Building sign is up.
The maximum amount of time you can have that text screen up is 20 minutes. Meaning that you can only have the building sign for 20-minutes before you MUST remove it.
Bases that require you to jump/crouch are NOT ALLOWED.
Do NOT create cracks in your base that raiders can not see (headshot and foot traps)
No disorienting advantages such as black rooms or fully invisible props.
Do not store entities on inaccessible rooftops or inaccessible areas in general.
Can only have a KOS line and a sign saying "KOS past line if raiding/lockpicking" etc. (Exception is loitering)
One way props are allowed.
No building during a raid.

Police Department/FBI HQ



All Government Classes
Government jobs are not allowed to own their own separate base. Their home is the Police Department. Exceptions to this are the Bank Manager (Bank) and FBI Jobs (FBI HQ).
Government jobs must follow the guidelines and rules set by the Mayor.
Any action that involves not following rules set by the Mayor is considered corruption and you can be demoted by the Mayor for this. (Corruption isn't a server offense)
Do not RDA (Random Arrest) players
You must have a reason to arrest players
Do not randomly weapon check players
You must have a valid reason to weapon check players
You are allowed to weapon check players if they are in the Bank/PD.
You must always have a valid roleplay reason to search, warrant or want a player.
After a valid warning, government jobs may legally eliminate lawbreakers who resist arrest or flee.
If you are shot at, you may shoot back or arrest them.
Cannot mug.
Cannot steal.
Can only raid with police warrant.
Don't metagame. You cannot warrant based on information you read in OOC or noises you heard through a wall. Someone going up to you and telling you in chat (not OOC) that there are [ILLEGAL ITEM HERE] in mine/their base is valid reasons for a warrant.
During a lockdown, government jobs may arrest any non-government officials that aren't hobos.

FBI Roles are treated as a subdivision of the PD, they may help out Police but may also band together and do their own work. The FBI HQ has a vault where FBI Agents may put illegal items such as money printers. The FBI HQ can be raided to retrieve these items. The FBI Director is the FBI's version of the Mayor, though the Mayor is still above all and sets laws.


You may be demoted
You must have a reason to issue a lockdown. Meaning no random lockdowns.
Lockdowns can last for 15 minutes maximum.
The mayor may use weapons for self-defense, but only pistols.
You can not mug
You can not steal
You can not raid
You can not car jack
Basically, don't do dumb shit.


Citizens are not allowed to raid, steal or mug.

All Custom Classes

All Custom classes can raid. (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Custom classes are not allowed impersonate other jobs.
All Custom classes can own a base and printers.
All Custom classes can mug.
All Custom classes can steal.
All Custom classes can own a base/printers.

Vendor Classes + Mechanic + Driver

Gun Dealer, Black Market Dealer, and Mechanic.
You must sell to the public. You cannot refuse public selling.
You can not scam as a vendor.
Do not self-supply. (Switching to the class only to supply items for your friends) [Gun dealer and BMD only.]
self-supply will result in a 1 - 3-day ban, major self-supply will result in harsher punishments.
May only own a shop no base. [Mechanic, Gun dealer, and BMD only.]
Gun dealers and BMD have their own gun, so they may not supply themselves either.
Can have printers.
Can not raid.
Can not mug.
Can not steal.

Mechanic Specific Rules

Can only own the two shops near the gas station
Have to serve everyone, no bias.
Police can raid you for printers, kill you during the raid if you attack, then leave. Once this happens NLR is in effect and if an officer comes to have his car fixed you can not deny him service.

Thief, Pro Thief, and Niko.

Thieves are allowed to raid.
Can own a base and printers.
Can mug.
Can raid. (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Can steal.

Hobo and Hobo Leader

You are not allowed to own a base. (no keypads either).
You are allowed to build tiny shelters on sidewalks or in parks.
Can not own printers.
Can not mug.
Can steal.
Can not own any sort of weapons.
Can beg for money
Can microphone spam but if someone says to stop and you don't stop they can kill you.


Hitmen can raid only if their target is inside of a base. (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Can own a base (no printers)
Can not mug.
Can not steal.


Can not mug.
Can not steal.
Can not raid.
Can own a weapon for self-defense
Can be hired by anyone
Can sell healing for up to as much as they want
Can not own a base but may set up a medical area i.e a medical healing shack etc.

Plague Doctor

Can not mug.
Can raid (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Can base.
Can own printers and other entities.
Can not steal


Can not mug.
Can base and own printers/entities
Can not Steal.
Can work with the Police in Police raids. (only with permission).
Can intervene mug (all mug intervene rules apply to Mario).
Can raid. (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Can only stop mugs.


Can not mug.
Can base and own printers/entities
Can not Steal.
Can work with the Police in Police raids. (only with permission).
Can intervene mug (all mug intervene rules apply to Luigi).
Can raid. (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Can only stop mugs.

Gangster + Italian Mobster

Can base/own entities.
Can mug.
Can steal.
Can raid. (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Can not just KOS another gang member, there must be a war declared that both leaders have agreed on.

Mob Boss + Don of Italian Mafia

Can raid. (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Can mug.
Can steal.
Can base/own entities.
Controls their gang members.
Gang Wars are allowed if the Italian Mafia and Mob Boss agree to a war.


Can raid. (If caught raiding police can arrest you).
Can assist in police raids. (only with permission).
Can not mug.
Can not steal.
Can intervene mugs (all mug intervene rules apply to Batman).
Can base/own entities.

Superman & Flash

Can not raid.
Can assist in police raids. (only with permission).
Can not mug.
Can not steal.
Can intervene mugs (all mug intervene rules apply to these 2.
Can base, no entities.


Can not mug.
Can raid.
Can own a base/entities.
The Mayor can make spraying graffiti in public places illegal etc.


Can not raid.
Can not mug.
Can not steal.
Can not raid, but may defend in lethal manner.
Can not own a base/entities
Can be hired by a gun dealer etc for protection.

Police Personel Protection

Can not raid.
Can not mug.
Can not steal.
Can not own a base/entities
Is a considered Civil Protection
Your main job is similar to that of a bodyguard. You can be hired by vendors for protection and even be assigned a job by the Mayor. Your service will cost more because you have access to arresting people, higher grade weapons and are able to call for backup on your radio.

If the person you are protecting violates the law you are allowed to arrest them, this includes owning Money Printers.

Bank Manager

Can not own a base/entities
Can not raid
Can not mug
Can not steal
Can assist police in defending the Bank.
Can own a gun.
Must manage the bank.

Papyrus and Sans

Can only base together.
Can intervene with mugs.
Can assist police.
Can not raid.
Can not mug.
Can not steal.
Can not own entities.
Can own a base.
Can own a gun.

John Cena

Can not mug
Can not steal
Can raid.
Can intervene with mugs.
Can assist police.
Can own a base (wrestling club would be a cool idea)
Cannot own entities.
Please do not spam the John Cena weapon.


May not base.
May raid PD, Bank, and those he has a hit on.
May accept hits from people as you are the terminator and your job is to terminate things.
May not own printers/entities.
May not mug.
May not steal.
You cannot own any other gun but the minigun you have.


May not base/ own printers and entities.
May not mug
May not steal
May not own a gun.
If someone asks you to stop saying something racist, then stop. If you do not stop, they are allowed to kill you.
Please keep the racist slurs soft slurs, nothing too bad that will trigger someone like a feminist.


May only own a club, no base.
Can charge money for an entry fee.
DJ own printers/entities, this means cops and criminals are allowed to raid you.
May not mug.

May not steal.

You may NOT Micspam! There is a radio tool you may use and play whatever you'd like through a list of approved songs. Admins can add more songs to the radio player database ingame, so if there is a song you'd like to add just ask an admin and they will help as long as they are not busy.


May not mug
May not steal
May own a base but no printers or entities.
Please do not spam the MLG Swep, there is no cooldown that we can set on it but that doesn't mean you can spam it.
Be Dank

Just go around and meme around.

Drug Dealer

May not mug
May not steal
May own a base with entities
Can base with criminals
Must be actively growing weed.
Can not raid (You can base with people that do raid)
You can sell weed to the Drug Buyer (labeled Drug Dealer)
May own a gun

John Wick

Can raid
Can own a base and printers.
Can mug.
Can steal.

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