Admin Requirements and Application Template

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Admin Requirements and Application Template

Post by cube on Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:35 pm

---Requirements in order to apply for admin---
* Must have 8 days on the server (192 hours worth of playtime)
* Must not have more than 1 staff strike. We don't want anybody who constantly breaks rules.
* Must be an active player on our server. We don't want people who are going to play 1 hour every week.
* Must already be moderator on our server.
* Must be 15 years old (exceptions can be made depending on how well you do, skill isn't always decided by age)
* Must have shown excellence and dedication as a moderator. We want the best to be admin!

--- What helps your chances ---
* By now you should know that responding to admin calls are a key factor.

* You should help out lower rank staff if you can and make sure to keep the server clean of abusers and trolls.

* Have an admin or higher vouch for you.

--- TEMPLATE ---
Steam Name:
Steam ID32: [example: STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX]
Steam Profile Link:
Hours Played on Gmod: [# of hours played on gmod]
Hours/Days on Server: [In this format please: days:hours or just put the # of hours]
Number of Warns you have:
Number of Staff Strikes you have:
Favorite Thing about Cubed Gaming:
Why you want to be Admin:
What you could offer even more as an admin to our staff force:
Do you believe you can handle the responsibility as an admin?:
You agree not to abuse?:

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