Trusted Requirements and Application Template

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Trusted Requirements and Application Template

Post by cube on Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:01 pm

---Requirements in order to apply for trusted---

* Must have a reasonable number of hours on gmod (You decide what is reasonable, this is not a big factor though)
* Must have 2 days on the server (48 hours worth of playtime)
* Must not have more than 5 server warns. We don't want anybody who constantly breaks rules.
* Must be an active player on our server. We don't want people who are going to play 1 hour every week.

---What helps your chances---
* Try to keep a very low warn record. I don't mind if you have 1 warn from when you first joined but if you have 15 warns you probably shouldn't apply.

* Have a Staff Member vouch for you. Vouches will help your chances and it's even better when you have an admin or higher vouching for you.

* Help out as much as you can. Don't be the server police but try and help out the staff if you can, like if you witnessed an rdm, you can tell a staff member you saw what happened. While this won't "solve" the case, it will help the staff members, as if you have a bunch of people saying this guy rdmed then he most likely did.

* Don't be a dick while rping. If you're one of those guys who act like a complete dick while playing, don't expect to be accepted. I want to have a nice, serious but friendly staff force on my server.

* Being active and a server regular also helps, I like hiring guys I know.

* If you're one of those guys everyone can say something good about and are overall really nice and just a good community member, the chances become even better!

--- TEMPLATE ---
Steam Name:
Steam ID32: [example: STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX]
Steam Profile Link:
Hours Played on Gmod: [# of hours played on gmod]
Hours/Days on Server: [In this format please: days:hours or just put the # of hours]
Number of Warns you have:
Servers you've staffed on if any:
Are you a VIP? (Does not help your chances):
Favorite Thing about Cubed Gaming:
Why you want to be staff:
What you could offer to our staff force:

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